Welcome Back to the LCS Staff!

Welcoming our teachers back!
Many of our children have been enjoying camps, family vacations, and days at the pool. While we hope our teachers have taken a well-deserved break, we know they have also been gearing up for the new school year. Whether it’s through self reflection, reading and exploring, and continuing their own educations, it is time spent to improve the educational experiences that our children are so lucky to receive!  Surely we can all agree that the teachers and staff at LCS are amazing!
In hopes to share our gratitude, we are asking the LCS student body, your children, to send a letter to a teacher of their choice. The letter can include a special way a teacher helped them, what they remember most about the teacher/classroom, or explain why a certain teacher is their favorite, etc.  It could also be a generic letter of thanks that could be given to any teacher at LCS.
Dr. Oliver will distribute these letters during their staff meeting prior to our student contact days. It will be such a fun and uplifting surprise; an act of kindness that will truly be appreciated by our teachers.
We ask that you send these letters via email by Monday, August 27th
If sending via email, please send to  [email protected]
If sending via mail, please use school address:
Liberty Corner School
61 Church Street
Liberty Corner, NJ 07938
We hope you will join us in welcoming back these wonderful teachers who give so much of their time for the benefit of our children!
Thank you!
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