Welcome Back to the LCS Staff!

Welcoming our teachers back!

While 2020 has certainly proven to test our limits, something that has remained a constant is the passion, loyalty, determination, and genuine care for the best interest of OUR children that is exemplified by the LCS teachers every day.

With that in mind, we would like to continue our tradition of welcoming these very special teachers back to a new school year at LCS.  While things may look different this September, the administration, staff, and teachers have worked diligently over the summer, adapting to ever changing guidelines, to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our children.  We are so grateful for their time and efforts.

In hopes to share our gratitude, we are asking the LCS student body, your children, to send a letter to a teacher of their choice. The letter can include a special way a teacher helped them, what they remember (or miss) most about the teacher/classroom, or explain why a certain teacher is their favorite, etc.  It could also be a generic letter of thanks that could be given to any teacher at LCS.

Dr. Oliver will distribute these letters to the staff prior to our student contact and/or virtual learning days. It will be such a fun and uplifting surprise; an act of kindness that will truly be appreciated by our teachers.

We ask that you send these letters via email to Sandra Kaiser, our LCS secretary, or by mail (yes, handwritten!) by Monday, August 24th.

We hope you will join us in welcoming back these wonderful teachers who give so much of their time for the benefit of our children!

Thank you!

*Please reach out to Laura Kimmel with any questions: [email protected]

*If sending via email, please send to: [email protected]

*If sending via mail, please use school address:

Liberty Corner Elementary School
c/o Sandra Kaiser
61 Church St
Liberty Corner, NJ 07938

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