Good Afternoon LCS Community,

As the school year comes to a close we have set plans to return student belongings.

Please stick to the times we have established as we are trying to conduct this in an orderly and efficient fashion with limited staff to help maintain social distancing.

We are also scheduling times for student drop off (Chromebooks, library books…). More information will come regarding when and where to drop off these items.

Please adhere to the following procedures:

1: Remain in your cars.

2: Identify student name (First, Last and Classroom Teacher) on a piece of paper and display on your dashboard

3: A staff member will place item(s) in your trunk.

4: Do not get out of your car or allow anyone from your vehicle to exit.

Below is our schedule for returning student belongings.

Monday June 15, Grade 5

9:00 Teacher: Mrs. Mastroianni

10:00 Teacher: Ms. Legvari

11:00 Teacher: Mr. Keri

12:00 Teacher: Mrs. Finnen

1:00 Teacher: Ms. Campbell

Tuesday June 16, Grade 3

9:00 Teacher: Mrs. LaRubbio

10:00 Teacher: Mrs. Len

11:00 Teacher: Ms. Nerger

12:00 Teacher: Ms. Scharff

1:00 Teacher: Mrs. Somers

Wednesday June 17th, Grade 4 & K. Mrs. Baliko

9:00 Teacher: Mrs. Barisonek

10:00 Teacher: Mrs. Licata

11:00 Teacher: Mrs. Lillia

12:00 Teacher: Ms. Litkey

1:00 Mrs. Baliko

Thursday June 18th, Grade 2 & K. Mrs. Bubnowski

9:00 Teacher: Ms. Hornich

10:00 Teacher: Mrs. Ray

11:00 Teacher: Ms. Scheffler

12:00 Teacher: Ms. Sytsema

1:00 Mrs. Bubnowski

Friday June 19th, Grade 1 & K, Mrs. Mastrian

9:00 Teacher: Mrs. Brouillard

10:00 Teacher: Ms. Kwiecinski

11:00 Teacher: Mrs. Manies

12:00 Teacher: Ms. Solon

1:00 Mrs. Mastrian