LCS PTO Survey 2020-2021

We strive to have 100% membership – our goal is to have each & every LCS family be a PTO member. It is never to late to join! Click here to become a member today.

Otherwise, please take a moment to complete this brief questionnaire, it will help us to identify ways in which we can better serve and meet the needs of the LCS community.

You can also choose to share your comments by emailing the PTO at: [email protected] 

Or if you prefer, you can reach out to us personally:
Membership Committee:  Jennifer Diana, Gayatri Joshi, Stacey Merkin

Thank you for your feedback!



LCS Membership Survey 2020-21

  • PTO Membership

  • Becoming a PTO member funds your family’s $75 portion of the PTO annual budget for the year.
  • As a PTO member, we have shown part of our appreciation through our PTO member perks. Our volunteers have spent countless hours to bring you these in appreciation of your donation.
  • PTO funding supports over 50 different yearly programs and initiatives at LCS.
  • More to Say?

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