How Does School Lunch Work?

How Does School Lunch Work?

Parents were given the opportunity to learn more and experience the lunch line as a student at "Coffee with Dr. Oliver." Here are some things that you may not have known.

Wonder why your child's lunch costs more than $2.60?

A student lunch needs 3 colors, orange, purple with either green or red. That means a protein, grain with a fruit or vegetable. And yes, fruit juice can count. If your child only chooses items that represent 1 or 2 colors, it's a la carte pricing. And if your child buys a "smart snack" , it's additional.

What are exactly are they eating?

  • Lunch meets 1/3 of a child’s daily calorie requirement. In addition to the specials, available daily, are veggie-burgers, 100% beef burgers, chicken sandwiches, low-fat yogurt, and hard-cooked eggs as entrees.
  • For specific nutritional information:  
  • LCS monthly menu, pricing and other information are here: Liberty Corner School
  • To see your child's purchases: Schoolbucks

Did you also know:

  • If you would like your child to be able to purchase a “School Lunch” only, please notify the cafeteria manager and a note can be posted on your child's account.—
  • Food items that are not included in a school lunch have been placed in the refrigerator.
  • Aramark sources locally and seasonally through J Ambrogi in Thorofare.

See Aramark's Presentation

Questions or Comments? Reach out to our Food Services Director at Aramark, Steven Tardibuono at 908-204-2585 ext 132

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