Volunteer Welcome Page


Dwe-heart-volunteers-300x300ear Moms, Dads and Loved Ones,


We are so happy to have you as a part of this very talented and creative group of families at Liberty Corner School. It is our absolute goal to ensure that our children have the best start to their learning experience.  The opportunity to contribute to our children growing into outstanding, responsible and caring adults is the driving force for volunteering; time spent with a child is time that is never lost.  Our children will thrive on positive experiences and cherished memories from LCS that will last a lifetime.

We know that with your help, the possibilities are endless.

Families at Liberty Corner School are at the core of our organization, we have a heart and spirit that is unsurpassed. Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is formed by energetic, dedicated parents and caregivers, looking to enhance the work of the teachers and staff at Liberty Corner School by providing them and our children with manpower, supplies, special events and support when and where it is needed.

We truly believe this is the best school in our county. We cannot say often enough how lucky we are to have our children learning at Liberty Corner School, to have such an amazing group of administrators, teachers and staff, and all of these wonderfully supportive families to form our learning community.

We encourage you to not only join our organization but get involved as well. Everything we do is based on volunteers and we are always looking for those of you to help make a difference in the lives of our children. In an effort to include all families we are identifying volunteer opportunities for working parents, including room parents and holding PTO meetings at night.

Get set for a great year!

Liberty Corner School PTO