What is a PTO member?

A PTO member is a family who has paid their membership dues for the current school year. PTO dues are collected starting in August of each new school year.  You may pay your PTO dues at anytime throughout the year, but parents are encouraged to pay by September 16th to be included in the printed directory.  Non-members are invited to volunteer on committees but not as a committee chair or as a board member.

What is the id and password for the photo gallery?

The photo gallery id and password is on the front inside cover of your directory. Photo gallery access is via this website’s home page.  Questions?: Email us at libertycornerpto@gmail.com.

What is my id and password for the A to Z online directory?

Log onto www.atozconnect.com with your email address and click on “Forgot Password”.  The system will do a quick look up to see if you are in the database.  If your email or phone number is found, a password reset link will be sent to your email.  If no results are found, complete the form to send in your join request.  Questions?: Email us at libertycornerpto@gmail.com.

How do I add the A to Z directory app to my phone’s homepage?

Connect to atozconnec.tom from your mobile browser, add the page to your homescreen.

When I volunteer can I share my photos of events with the LCS photography committee?

Yes. While volunteering, if you take any photos of events that you would like to share with the LCS photography committee, please email the photo to LCSphotosfromparents@gmail.com. Please state the event, teacher/class, and date in the subject line.